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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Directions Page

Directions Page

Google makes this easy. This is best done after you have established your business in Google Places. Simply search for your business on Google Maps and select directions option. After you locate it you will see a Link icon (chain links), chick on the link icon. Follow the “Customize and preview embedded map” link, now select the size you would like, then copy and paste the code provided to your company’s directions pages.

Adding a text description with landmarks should also be included on the page, along with any parking information. Recommend a parking lot if you do not have on-site parking.


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    1. John

      You are right the first thing is to set the goals for the website. Are you looking for the customer to call, walk-in, place order on line, one of the first question to ask.

      However, making money is not always the goal, sometimes it is to get people to a community event, family function, friends and family information.